Front Desk, Robbins Road entrance
Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Through our expertise in rehab and uncompromising commitment to care, education and research, we help you live life to its fullest.


  • Collaboration - Across business units, disciplines, job classes and geographic sites, our employees strive to work together.
  • Compassion - We are known for our compassionate care of patients and interaction with co-workers.
  • Excellence - Our clinical expertise is renowned – documented by our outcomes, reputation and opinions of those who interact with us.
  • Innovation - We invite, create and share new and better ways of achieving our goals.
  • Resourcefulness - We create new ways to reach goals through improved techniques, flexible management and efficient uses of resources.
  • Safety - We maintain a safe environment for patients to heal and employees to work.
  • Service - We exist to increase the quality of life of our patients and we strive to give back to the communities in which we serve.
  • Trust - We earn and maintain the trust of patients, stakeholders and fellow employees through our deeds and words.